Apalla #11 – Statistics, Part 1

This next series is going to be on statistics. For this first go around, we won’t be getting into the nitty gritty of distributions and p-tests. Instead, I’ll start off with something everyone can benefit from: statistical fallacies. In the second part, we’ll go into perhaps the most controversial topic in all of statistics: forecasting. But for now,Continue reading “Apalla #11 – Statistics, Part 1”

Apalla #6 – Writing, Part 1

In this post, we’ll be talking about writing, something I should probably be pretty good at now but unfortunately am likely not. Writing can essentially be boiled down into two different categories: technique and specialty. Specialty is something we’ve all learned before — in particular, it’s the difference between fiction and nonfiction. Since this might be a tired topicContinue reading “Apalla #6 – Writing, Part 1”

Apalla #5 – Entrepreneurship, Part 2

Next is funding the idea. Once again, income-generators are at a bit of an advantage here. With income-generators, you’re in no rush — if a hole has existed in a market for a few years, it’s probably going to stay that way, especially if the market size of that hole is small. Startups, on theContinue reading “Apalla #5 – Entrepreneurship, Part 2”