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Apalla is a project dedicating to sourcing, organizing, and distributing the internet’s free educational resources. By collecting books, courses, and challenges across all types of curriculum, we’re working to make a better way to learn.

About Us

Apalla Alexandria

Apalla Alexandria is our first product, allowing you to access a database of some of the highest-quality free courses on the internet. We currently have two offerings: one for STEM related courses, and another for Humanities related courses.


Recent Posts

Apalla #4 – Entrepreneurship, Part 1

Our next topic is on entrepreneurship. I know the majority of my reader-base thus far is the startup crowd, and though I hate to further the stereotype I imagine some entrepreneur tips are what you guys are looking for.

Apalla #3 – Communication, Part 3

[originally published on May 3rd, 2020] First, we’ll start off with feedback. There are two key pieces to high-quality feedback: it must be properly constructive, and it must add something wholly novel.