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Apalla is a project dedicating to sourcing, organizing, and distributing the internet’s free educational resources. By collecting books, courses, and challenges across all types of curriculum, we’re working to make a better way to learn.

About Us

Apalla Alexandria

Apalla Alexandria is our first product, allowing you to access a database of some of the highest-quality free courses on the internet. We currently have two offerings: one for STEM related courses, and another for Humanities related courses.


Recent Posts

Apalla #20 – Investing, Part 2

Last episode, we talked about the key principles of investing. This episode, we’re going to get a bit more granular by talking about equities.

Apalla #19 – Investing, Part 1

In our new series, we’re going to be going over the basics of investing. Buckle up, because this is going to be one of our longest series on Apalla to date!

Apalla #18 – Design, Part 3

For our final foray into design, we’ll be talking design hacks — some brief, easy methods you can use for your own designing.